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Sarah Watson – Lifestyle Photographer – Inspired by the beautiful you feel. Authentic and Connected family stories, narrated by you. Gold Coast, Australia.

Growing up, photography was always apart of my life.  At High School, you could only take photography once you reached year 11.  That was my reason for staying in school (that and the hot dogs they used to sell in the canteen).  The darkroom used to be plastered in photos of my friends hanging up to dry instead of the assignments I was supposed to doing. I once took and used 5 rolls of film on a dolphin show. Nevermind that I was in the back row with the widest lens, I had 120 photos and if you could squint hard enough you could see a tiny dolphin jumping in the distance.  I used to spend all my paper round money on developing films. My bedroom was covered floor to ceiling in photos, which were also strung from corner to corner pegged on string. Sometimes I got really creative and used to cut them up into awesome designs and glue them in albums. I used to collect everything Anne Geddes. I loved all the stickers and books of the cute little sleeping newborns.

I got my first DSLR camera when I was 21 and off I went photographing friends and family. Initially it took me awhile to warm to the idea of digital photography, but I soon learnt some new tricks  ie. selective colouring in photoshop – and I was ready to take on the world!

Oh wait hold up.. I also went to University, where I studied Digital Design majoring in e-photojournalism, travelled a bit, drank some beer (or more than some), made mass amounts of coffee, enjoyed sleeping in and going to the bathroom alone – all while tinkering away at this business thing in the background but struggling with the whole concept of how to photograph a family in a way that I was happy with.

I was uninspired with no real direction in what I was trying to provide for my clients.  Fast forward a few years and 2 kids, the idea of photographing families in a way that they weren’t, wasn’t my cup of tea (and I do love tea!).  I was photographing my own children in the way that I was, pure and truthful – while still trying to photograph client’s in a structured and formal setting. My 3 year old does not sit there with a perfect smile on his face (if he sits there at all) and my 4 year old loves to dance … It is his cheeky grin when he’s about to say something that he knows I hate (#poo) – and the way her hair falls with a slight curl in the morning light while she twirls around in the living room.  These are the things that I want to remember. The carefree, messy, playful life that is of having young children.

I create a space in beautiful light for families to connect and love on each other.  It’s the bear hugs, tickles, belly laughs and quiet moments that I am going to photograph, weather it’s at the beach or in your own home.  Let me show you the beautiful you feel.

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Meraki (v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself in your work.

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